Effortless Martial Arts Tuition Billing

We offer a full range of customized martial arts tuition billing solutions to match your needs, so you can focus on what you love to do: teaching.

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Martial Arts Tuition Billing Services:


No monthly fees, no hidden costs, no gotchas. 


With AMS full service martial arts tuition billing, we take care of collections, accounting, and marketing to help you effectively run your school.

With our billing services, we offer convenient payment options that allow for fast student payments, and we manage your student account the way YOU want.


Our billing portal is available 24 hours, 7 days a week, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. 

Full-Service Martial Arts

Tuition Billing - Your Way 

Save time and improve student retention.

Our martial arts school billing professionals work with you to build a completely customized system that collects tuition however you'd like.


Students can pay by credit card, direct debit from savings or checking accounts (EFT), coupons, or on our payment website 24/7. 


Our innovative, multimedia martial arts tuition billing collection strategies remain fully compliant with the guidelines of the FDCPA and get real results.



Your Success is 

Our Success 

You and your staff can spend more time training amazing students and promoting your martial arts school while AMS Full-Service Martial Arts Tuition Billing handles all of the collection issues.


Put your martial arts school's tuition collection into the trusted hands of experts.  

Master Soo-Mi-Kim
Master Soo Mi Kim

"AMS collects money without the errors of other billing companies! 

I put my trust in the AMS professionals for my school."

Master Leo Pryor
Master Leo Pryor

"AMS is fantastic! There is no room for improvement, in my opinion. AMS is perfect; they have it all!"

Master Mike White
Master Mike White

"AMS understands the martial arts business. My business has become easier to run. I want to be on the mat teaching, not in the office!"

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