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Eliminate the headaches, confusion, and boredom of your martial arts school management tasks with ATLAS! You'll spend more time and energy teaching exciting martial arts classes when the most powerful martial arts school management software gets you out of the office and into your classes.

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Complete Martial Arts


ATLAS martial arts school management software solves all your school management problems in one easy-to-use application! 

Take control of every part of your martial arts business: students, prospects, staff, schedules, budgets, marketing, pro shop, performance, and much more.


The all-in-one martial arts school management software automation engine eliminates common human errors and puts all of your martial arts school's information at your fingertips.

Set and track goals for enrollment, retention, and income with detailed reports, graphs, and alerts with a simple mouse click or tap of the screen.



What You Need to Know at Your Fingertips

The ATLAS Smart Dashboard keeps you in control of your martial arts school business.

Instantly see your school's vital performance statistics in dynamic, up-to-date, intelligent, and logical ways to understand the health of your martial arts school on the homepage dashboard.

Quickly and easily monitor how many prospects you turned into students, current sales, retention, budgets, and so much more in your martial arts school from this quick reference dashboard.

Once you set your goals, you'll always know exactly which areas of your martial arts business are performing well, and which need to improve—all with just a quick glance! 

Martial Arts Marketing &

Lead Generation

ATLAS martial arts school management software helps you attract more new students the easy way.

The "set and forget" multimedia prospect and student follow-up systems deliver powerful marketing automation to bring in leads and convert them into long-term students.

Get cutting-edge marketing tools along with a FREE lead generation website as part of the ATLAS Martial Arts System for reaching new prospects and retaining current students.

Let ATLAS do the heavy lifting, and soon you'll have a school filled with students and a long waiting list of new prospects. 




Tuition Management

With ATLAS martial arts school management software you can also receive industry-leading full-service billing and collections, or self-managed billing.

You can do it either way in ATLAS—but with AMS providing your tuition billing, you'll get over 30 years of martial arts billing management knowledge and skills to get you paid.

With ATLAS' full-service martial arts billing, you won't have to pay the price of other high-cost companies, and you won't have to hire a ton of professionals to get the job done because ATLAS does it all for you.

You'll have 24/7 access to exactly how much tuition AMS has collected for your martial arts business this month, a complete payment history of individual student accounts, and much more!

All This...and So Much More

ATLAS Martial Arts Software is Your TOTAL Martial Arts Management Solution!

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Master Mike Bugg
Master Mike Bugg

"ATLAS makes it quick and easy to see the status of my school at any time. The best part is not having to lift a finger!"

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