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We invite you to join us at one of our powerful martial arts business seminars, covering topics where we take martial arts business owners who are top leaders in the field and discuss the questions that matter to you and your school. 

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Our Martial Arts Business Seminars: 


Our martial arts business seminars are held in person at our AMS international headquarters in Orlando, Florida. We even take care of transportation and boarding when you book a seminar with us! We plan each seminar with strategies and plans that work for your school's needs.

We take experts in the martial arts field and bring them to our seminars as guest speakers, who share tips that helped them manage and expand their business. In addition, we make sure each seminar is an enjoyable experience with complimentary refreshments. 

Guest Speakers 

We're proud to invite you to any of our martial arts business seminars, which feature priceless marketing strategies, business techniques, and the latest information brought to you by invaluable guest speakers that speak directly with you.


At AMS, our seminars are designed to provide the school owner with the latest news and ideas to boost school enrollment and help manage your business finances. 


Join our seminars held at AMS international headquarters in Orlando, Florida, and invest for success today!

Martial Arts Seminars Speakers

Martial Arts Event Excitement

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Our martial arts business seminars boast incredible audience interactivity. We strive to provide the most welcoming atmosphere for you, and keep you engaged throughout the program.


That's why we plan a fully-stacked program of exciting content, high-energy speeches, and of course, plenty of refreshments.


Droning seminars are a thing of the past:

come to an AMS seminar and thoroughly enjoy your time while getting information that benefits your school! 

Master Chris Nelson

"AMS Seminars are always a pleasure to attend. I appreciate the amount of work AMS puts into each one!"

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