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Our business development experts will help you grow faster while avoiding many common, costly mistakes.

If you're looking for martial arts business consultation, we have a team of martial arts business professionals that know where you're coming from, and are waiting for your call. We're here for you.

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Our business development experts want to help you grow faster while avoiding many common, costly mistakes. AMS works with you to create the right plan for you and your martial arts school business.

Your success is our success. We're here to help you whenever we can, and our customer service is our pride. Feel free to speak to us about how AMS can benefit your school with consulting.

Martial Arts Business Consultation Done Right

Take advantage of our practical, proven martial arts business consultation from trusted advisers who know the business. 


Our team of hyper-successful martial arts school owners, multi-school operators, and industry leaders are always here to roll up their sleeves and help you overcome any obstacles you might encounter. This benefit alone is worth many, many times more than you'll ever invest in any of our programs! We're only successful when you're successful.


AMS has served martial arts school owners for more than 30 years, and we're dedicated to YOUR success! 

No matter your style of martial art, school size, or location in the world, AMS is ready to serve you.

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We're here to help you realize your martial arts school dreams, whether you're opening a new school, expanding to multiple locations, planning a tournament, or just growing your student base, 


Call us now and find out how AMS can help your martial arts school grow in students, income, and efficiency.

Take the work out of running your school and make it a pleasure to teach! 

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Master Kirk Pelt
Master Kirk Pelt

"AMS taught me everything I know about the martial arts business. 

Now I'm the president of a multimillion-dollar organization of schools."

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