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Provide a NEEDED, Valuable Community Service, and Boost your Profits with the AMSkids ProgramIt's Profitable, Practical and Inspirational !

The One of a Kind, AMSkids transported after school martial arts program takes care of two birds with one stone. Inspire the children in your community toward greatness while you secure your financial future .

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Dominate Your Market with an
Elite After School Martial Arts Program

Build a great reputation in your community for running the best transported after school martial arts program with AMSkids. Children, parents, and even the public schools in your city will spread the word about the wonderful benefits that come from participating in such a special children's program.

AMSkids transported after school martial arts program is designed to build character and develop future leaders through exceptional martial arts training and philosophy. Your superior program will keep kids and parents excited to be a part of your martial arts school which will make Your Enrollment Skyrocket.

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Provide an Exceptional Martial Arts Education Program

AMSkids transported after school martial arts program is not daycare, it's a leadership skills building martial arts education program. Through a unique, completely DONE FOR YOU curriculum based on our shared martial arts philosophy, children gain a tremendous physical, social, and moral education, which are not commonly available in the public school systems. These benefits are why millions of children across the country need the martial arts, and more specifically your AMSkids transported after school martial arts program.

Working parents love the AMSkids program because they want the best for their children after school before they finish work. Your transported after school martial arts program will provide a safe, fun environment with great role models for children so that parents can have peace of mind. In other words, AMSkids is the best after school choice for parents and your school because it fulfills a great need in your community.

Think about it. Your after school martial arts program will be a necessity to parents which makes it profitable in any economy.

Professional Martial Arts After School Program Materials

Receive the Industry's Premier Support Materials

Take advantage of 30+ years of innovative and proven martial arts education and curriculum development. Get everything you need to start and run your transported after school martial arts program: a turn-key starter kit, hour-by-hour schedule with step-by-step teachers guides, day-by-day activities all designed by top martial arts educators to reinforce martial arts principles for life inside and outside the classroom with leadership and character-building activities.

 after school martial arts program for kids

Seize the opportunity to make a bigger impact in your community and on your students, with the AMSkids transported after school martial arts program. Watch your AMSkids students rapidly develop better technique, better manners, and a deeper understanding of martial arts philosophy than your traditional evening students because they spend more time in class.

Schools who run the program for several years find that the children who grow up in the program become excellent leaders and often become future instructors for the school.

In addition, the new AMS Leaders Edge (leadership skills development program) will provide you with a tested, PROVEN effective curriculum designed to develop leadership skills in teens that will keep their interest and challenge them to set and achieve even greater goals.

"The AMSkids After School Martial Arts program helped my school go from $5,000 to $10,000 a month in less than 90 days!"

"The AMSkids program will help your school build financial security! "

Martial Arts After School Program, Materials and Course Guides

Increase Your Profits by Adding $5,000 a Month in IncomeGet AMSkids and Start Profiting

Make the Summer the Most Profitable Time of the Year!

Make huge profits with an AMSkids Martial Arts Summer Camp. Multiply your enrollment and income when competitors are struggling during the hot summer months. In 10 weeks you can increase your income by $100,000 or more.

The martial arts summer camp support kit provides you with hour-by-hour, day-by-day activities for your summer campers based on martial arts themes like respect, flexibility, and self-discipline. There are a wide range of physical games and quiet activities to help the children learn and practice practical martial arts principles while developing self-confidence and leadership. Kids love the camp, parents love the results, you'll love the added income.

"I earned $275,000 in 10 weeks during the summer with the AMSkids Summer Camp!"

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AMSkids Monthly Kit

  • Completely "Done for You" Parent / Student Newsletter

    This parent and student newsletters help keep your after school martial arts students and their parents informed of all the events and activities planned for your school this month. This communication helps retention, by helping parents stay informed and committed to the students goals and school activities.

    It's CRITICAL to continue to remind your students "why" they enrolled in your program in the first place, and recognize those who are accomplishing their goals!
  • Proven "In the Trenches" Promotional Posters and Flyers

    Every Month AMS provides you with a new collection of advertisement and promotional campaigns to promote your transported after school martial arts program. Beautifully designed for the most impact, these ads can be easily customized with your school's information.

    You'll put your school's marketing plan development on "autopilot", and simply "plug into" the campaigns and strategies that are PROVEN to work in schools all over the world!
  • Hour-by-Hour After School Teachers Guides

    Your staff will be hyper-effective because AMS provides your with weekly Teacher's Guides with everything you need to run amazing after school martial arts classes and activities.

    Your step-by-step guides will include martial arts themes, activities, drills, teaching instructions, worksheets and more, that reinforce the values and principles of your art. With hour-by-hour and day-by-day instruction and activities AMSkids is the only after school solution you need!
  • Leaders Edge Teenage Retention and Engagement Program

    Teenaged students can be the future of your school and organization. But many schools struggle to retain teemaged students. The AMS Leaders Edge program solves that problem.
    Every Month AMS provides the "Leaders Edge" teen program for your school.

    The Leaders Edge is our way of reaching out to the teen students, who may feel too old for the kids materials, but love martial arts class. "Leaders Edge" includes a Mission Report, weekly Gladiator Challenges, and separate promotional materials designed specifically for teens.
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