Four Skills Needed to Enroll More Students

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Four Skills Needed to Enroll More Students

You have a great service to provide that everyone in your community needs, so your school is in demand. The simple math shows, to enroll one hundred more students in one year’s time requires signing up about eight students each month - that’s only two students every week. Any school can accomplish this with the techniques in the AMS Sales Presentation Pack.


The Sales Presentation Pack comes with an easy to follow booklet, an audio CD to imbed the various scripts into your memory, a professional new flash presentation to use on your computer during the sale, and additional materials and practice scripts. Each of these tools will prepare any staff member or school owner to perform a successful sales presentation leading to new enrollments. Any person who uses the Sales Presentation Pack will gain four skills that can produce one hundred or more enrollments in a year’s time.

Skill #1

Do you find yourself hanging up the phone without getting potential students to visit your school? One key to more success in enrollments is communication over the phone that leads people through the doors of your school. The Sales Presentation Pack gives some general phone techniques sure to elevate skill and cause prospects to set up appointments.

Skill #2

Is your school a place where people want to go? Are you someone people like to be around? Another key to higher percentages in enrollments is learning to be a great host. This pack explains how to create an environment and self-presentation that will have people signing on the dotted line the first time they meet you.

Skill #3

Are you missing the right combination of things in your presentation that moves people to enroll at your school? The right sales presentation for each situation is a third key to enrolling more potential students that visit your location. You’ll receive numerous presentations geared toward common situations that get the deal closed in the AMS Sales Presentation Pack.

Skill #4

Can you turn an objection into an affirmation? Having the skill to change a “no” into a “yes” is a result of proper technique. The AMS Sales Presentation Pack gives you the tools to face any objection and turn it into a closed deal - another student.

You can have the best instruction in your area and a state of the art facility, but without good selling techniques you’ll be unable to achieve your enrollment potential. Presentation is everything, and the AMS Sales Presentation Pack has the right techniques that will boost your enrollments this year. Get started on enrolling your next one hundred additional students by calling 1.800.275.1600 to get your AMS Sales Presentation Pack.